Catered Kosher Food Stations

Interactive, catered kosher food stations are a great way to offer a few different selections for you guests. We think you’ll find our interactive kosher food stations, which are offered buffet-style but with a server to assist your guests, are an affordable option for those with guests who have a lot of different tastes. These are particularly useful for Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, which are attended by guests of all ages and different taste preferences, or corporate events.

Kosher Catering Options


Our popular Indian-spiced kebobs.

Includes your choice of:

Each table features bread basket filled with fresh-baked types of artisan breads.

Unlimited soft drinks and juices!

We Feature Different World Cuisines, All Made Kosher!

Here are samples of the interactive food stations we create. Remember, these are sample menus: we are happy to customize these based on your ideas and any dietary needs and restrictions. Please note that menu items may change based on seasonal availability of certain foods.

Authentic Sushi Boat

Kosher Sushi

The Sushi Boat Station

Sushi is one of the easiest foods to make kosher and one of our most popular requests.

Middle Eastern Station

It all started there…and many of us still crave Middle Eastern foods.

Mexican Station


Kosher tacos? iSi!

Show us a kid who doesn’t love Mexican food! Ours will warm them up even if it’s below freezing outside.

Beef Carvery Station

A little beef is good for the soul.

East Indian Station


Vegetarian samosas with a small side salad.

Love a good curry? These flavours from the East will delight your taste buds.

 Asian Station

4.3 billion people on Earth enjoy this food every day. Let it be a highlight for your special day.

Italian Station

Go ahead: be Italian. Salute!

Western Station

Round ’em up for some great chow.

Choose one:

Enjoy with:

Greek Station

Opa! (But please, don’t throw our plates)

Choose one:

Enjoy with:

Whole Food Station

What is a whole food? One that’s had little or no processing and that looks a lot like what was farmed or caught.

Chinese Station

Possibly the world’s favorite cuisine, prepared for modern kosher tastes.

Kids Station

Like what you see? Don’t worry, we won’t demand to see your ID.

Chose two of these meat dishes:

With sides of:

Additional Charges